Aloe, Olive oil and Beeswax soap 2

The girls and I worked up this soap today. It was a very simple recipe and I added my own touch of green spirulina powder to hopefully get more of a green than a yellow. The result was…. yellow. I was much more careful to let it come to a full trace before pouring into molds. About 8 hours later, I did notice some hairline cracks which may be some chemical reaction with the beeswax. (This is my first time working with beeswax). Still have to wait a while before popping out from the molds. In the meantime, I am resuming mold-creating process. I’ve completed the structure for two dogs, a tin can and a custom ‘hungry dog’ bar of soap that I’ve carved from hard foam.

I am eager to get three or four solid recipes under my belt, perfect them and grow from there. So far, I haven’t made a very good batch of cold process soap yet. Melt and pour is no problem, but that is a soap that anyone can make and it’s not at all cost effective. I do like the challenge of cold process, but so far it’s kicked my ass for three batches.

The house is getting messy. My wife is getting stressed and I don’t blame her. I think that in the beginning, there is too much to absorb and learn. You want to try three different processes and ten different recipes all at once. I’m learning a lot from my mistakes, which is all part of the game. However, I think the thing that will help me get to the next phase is in keeping a daily planner and PLANNING what I will do next. Studying it. Making sure I am acquainted with all ingredients and processes. Waking up on Saturday morning and seeing what recipe drives me that particular day is not the best way to go about it. And I’ve got too much attention divided between creating molds and making the actual soap, while also trying to devise packaging and marketing strategies.

20150228_203919 20150228_205635


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