Learning from mistakes

Regarding the previous posts, here are a few things I’ve learned from my mistakes via a few voices from some of the online forums. My castille soap may not be a total failure. I left it in the molds for two days, but many have recommended I leave it for much longer. A week maybe. Then there are some who say they let a true olive oil castille cure for a full year. God, these soaps probably last forever. (Note: I did see some Syrian-made castille for sale at the arab market I go to. The date on the package said made in 2012). I was tempted to buy a block just to see how it was.

Anyway, the white ‘chalky’ coating is soda ash, which is normal sometimes. IT can be planed off with a peeler once the bar itself has hardened enough. (Maybe 1 month from now).

Regarding the little dark flecks in my aloe soap, it’s because I added powdered spirulina green straight into the mix. How easily I’ve forgotten that you’ve got to mix these colorants with 100% alcohol first and add it in as a liquid. The specks are not devestating and these soaps might prevail in the end. We’ll see how things look tomorrow hen I unmold them.


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