Testing 100% Olive Oil Soap

The first batch of soap I made from scratch a month ago, I used in the shower today. This is a 100% olive oil soap made from about $9 worth of ingredients and utensils from the dollar store. I also bought a five year old soap from the arab market where I buy some of my groceries to see how their 100% Olive oil soap felt. Both soaps put a very greasy sheen on you. It’s not necessarily a bad thing, but it takes some getting used to. I plan to keep using my homemade one in the shower to see how my skin handles it over the weeks. What feels like greasy and oily going on, I suppose is actually ‘moisturizing’?

For an interesting bit of history, you can research the Syrian soap I bought. It’s called Aleppo soap and I guess because the current regime burned down all the factories, this particular ancient soap was shipped abroad to sell it while it could still be sold. This is why the one in my arab market has a ‘created on’ date of 2010, but it also says the soap lasts 6 years. I particularly bought the oldest-dated one I could find to see the quality of it after 5 years of curing and sitting on a shelf.

There is more about Aleppo Soap here:




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