Two types of Lard Soap compared + custom bar

Now that I’ve unmolded my lard soap that I made with the green tea, here is a color comparison between the two. The whiter is made with water. The yellow-er one is made with green tea in lieu of water. I think to make a greener version, I would need to add colorants. I really do like how the stinging nettle leaf plays through with green speckles in the soap. I will continue using this in other projects.


I’ve surrendered my procrastination and subscribed to the advice of wrapping my soaps after pouring them. From now one, I will place my soaps in some dresser drawers I’ve removed, wrap the whole thing with a towel, and forget about them for two days before even ‘thinking’ of unmolding.

Some people, I’ve read, also use pizza boxes.

This is some of the green tea lard soap that I put into a custom mold.

hungry dog


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