Espresso Forte Soap

Tonight, I gave a go at Espresso Forte Soap recipe from the book “Natural Soap Chef,” by Heidi Corley Barto


170 grams Shea Butter/ 170 Grams Palm Oil/ 113 Grams Olive Oil/ 113 Grams Coconut Oil

78 Grams NaOH

215 Grams chilled STRONG Espresso

34 grams chocolate-espresso Fragrance oil

Add at light trace: 1/2 teaspoon of (used) coffee grounds and (optional) 34 grams chocolate-espresso fragrance. Mix the coffee grounds into the espresso fragrance and set aside, being ready to dump it in at light trace.

Mix all the oils and heat to 110. After the Espresso is chilled, mix the lye into it. When both reach 110 degrees, you pour the lye/espresso water into the oils (Which should also be 110 degrees). At light trace, add the coffee grounds


This thing hits trace pretty quickly. Once you dump the coffee grounds and the Fragrance Oil (FO) in, it accelerates super fast. The measurements given in this recipe were enough to fill my bar molds, but it would not have filled a standard-sized loaf mold.


I will get six bars out of this. Plus, I had enough left over to pour two small dog soaps from molds I created a few weeks ago. This is not the espresso flavor, but an oatmeal flavor we made of the dog mold a few days ago to test how the mold looked. Kids and wife were pleased.



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