Mistakes and learning

A few weeks ago, I mad aloe soap. This was before I really got the point that I need to wrap and insulate my soaps and give them the necessary time to cure before unmolding them. You can see in the pictures below how soda ash has infected the bars that I made in my loaf mold. As you can see some of them (the book and the rocks) turned out alright. The loaf bars have the thick layer of soda ash woven pretty thickly through the middle.

Soda ash is harmless, but it is not appealing when giving your soap as a gift or trying to sell it. I am learning ways to prevent soda ash. I think because my first few soaps were melt and pour, which almost never has soda ash, I was surprised by soda ash in the cold process soaps.

Here is a tutorial on soda ash. Then my pics are below:




Nonetheless, I am finding that these aloe bars are actually some of the hardest bars I’ve made. I’m anxious to try one out, but it needs until spring break to really start using one. Another two weeks or so.


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