Reflections on Bay Rum Sesame Oil

It’s funny. I didn’t intend to make Bay Rum Sesame Oil soap. I had some sesame oil laying around and figured to make some soap out of it before it expired. I hunted down a recipe and this was the easiest one I could find. Actually, it has turned out to be one of my best loaf-molded CP soaps so far. I rinsed the top to rid it of soda ash, but realized that made the whole thing kinda slimy and hard to handle in the bar-cutter. I will have to remember that next time. Anyhow, we’ll see how this one heals up. But its looking good so farIMG_3241


Tallow 10 oz
Sesame seed oil(untoasted)6 oz
Olive oil 6 oz
Coconut oil 6 oz
Palm kernal flakes 6 oz
Castor oil 2 oz
Rice bran oil 1 oz
Lye (at 5% discount) 5.28 oz
*Water 14 oz OR 12.6 oz(discounted)
.5 to 1 oz Bay Rum FO
*For extra skin conditioning add use half water and half Goats milk or substitute all the water for goats milk.


Follow all usual soapmaking precautions and procedures. Keep temps low and watch this one closely because once it traces it goes fast(especially if you do a water discount). Add your FO at light trace to give yourself a little more time.


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