Oatmeal, milk and honey soap recipe

I’d like to have a solid honey/oatmeal recipe so tonight I tried one from the book I bought, “Natural Soap Making.”

Recipe for a 4-5 pound brick

Olive oil- 15 ounces    Coconut- 15 ounces    Palm- 13 ounces   Jojoba- 3.5 ounces

Beeswax 1.5 ounces

Lye- 6.73 oz.      Distilled water- 12 ounces      Buttermilk 6.02 ounces

ground oats 1/2 cup, honey 8-10 teaspoons

At light trace, add oats and honey.

This was a bigger batch than I was expecting. Almost flowed over my mixing bowl. Other than that, I felt confident working with it and it went into the mold pretty neatly. I did not cover it right away. Let it sit for about 20 minutes. Spritzed with alcohol. Put in the room and covered with a towel. About an hour later I checked on it and a giant, gooey brown gash has opened up in the center.

I fear it might be ruined. I don’t know if its from the spritzing of alcohol, although I doubt it. Will research on forums for some advice. At least I did some bars in the bar molds and those should turn out fine.

IMG_3239 IMG_3238

Here are the responses I got from an online forum:

Looks like it started to gel, and then went straight to overheating before the outside had gelled. Both buttermilk and honey are additives that are prone to making soaps overheat. It’s also why the soap in the smaller molds was unaffected–they don’t have the mass to build up heat the way a log mold does.


It is the beginning of a volcano. Your soap overheated. Beeswax, Honey, milks especially goat’s milk and sugars floral and spice fo’s and eo’s can make soaps prone to overheating. I never cover my milk soaps and many times put them in the freezer. When you see it starting to crack it is best to put in the fridge or freezer to stop the overheating. Hopefully yours just gelled, but sometime separation can occur which you will not know until cutting. I would suggest unmolding this soap in a crate or some type of non-reactive container in-case it separated in the middle which can cause oils to leak out.


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