Green Tea wanna-be soap

I replicated the exact recipe I did a few weeks ago for Strawberry soap. The only changes I made were to replace red, rose clay with green clay. I also added a small amount of green shimmery mica (hard to tell if it had any effect at all). And I replaced the fragrance w/ 3 tablespoons of cut grass and 3 tablespoons of fresh cotton. Threw in a small amount of ground nettle leaf, and added more nettle leaf on top for effect. While it was curing, I thought this soap was a no-win, but a day later I am extremely satisfied with its look, appearance and smell.

Here is the recipe:

Recipe for 4-5 pound brick

Shea butter- 2 ounces

Olive Oil- 10 ounces

Coconut oil- 15 ounces

Palm Oil- 13 ounces

Avocado Oil- 5 ounces

Sweet Almond Oil- 3 ounces

Lye 7.03 ounces (5% superfat)

Distilled water- 17.5 ounces

Fresh cut grass (from essential depot but also available @ brambleberry) and crisp cotton (from

Green clay 2 tablespoons.

At light trace, pour about 2 cups of soap mixture into the cup containing clay. Mix it well to fully incorporate. Once incorporated, pour this concoction back into the main batch and bring it towards heavy trace. Add fragrance oils. Pour into mold.

IMG_3269 IMG_3270IMG_3271


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