Green soap comparison

IMG_3273 IMG_3274

After making the green bar that I was EXTREMELY pleased with, I decided to test the green clay colorant in a batch of tallow/coconut soap to see the difference. As you can see in the photos above, it came out a stone gray color in the  tallow/coconut concoction. I did not add the shiny green mica and am still uncertain if this is what gave me such a rich, earthy green in the batch I made yesterday. Suppose the only way to know is to make a test batch w/o using the shiny green mica. But I don’t see any hint of it in the way the green looks.

Regarding my green soap I made yesterday, this really is a great recipe that I use. Not only does it gel and cure well, but two days later the bar is hard enough that you’re almost tempted to use it in the shower. Can’t wait until May when I can actually test one of these bad boys out.


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