Soap thoughts

I have progressed a lot since beginning soaping only in February. I’m comfortable with the basic process of cold process. I will begin learning variations, how to form my own recipes and how to make them all swirly-looking.

My learning comes from four places. Books. Online tutorials and websites. Questions on forums. And empirical learning through success and failure while actually making soap.

I feel like I’ve come far, but then I see websites like this where people seem to be able to make perfect soaps at their whim exactly how they want them to look and smell.

I’m also intrigued by the methods others use for mass-production. To see someone make a giant square of soap and cut it into dozens of bricks, and then into individual bars is just crazy to me. I am hungry to know how to do it, but realize that I have to pace myself and can’t rush to that. Why learn how to make 500 bars of soap when as of yet, I haven’t even tried to sell a single bar?

I think I was starting to feel a bit defeated, but my green bar of soap has inspired me. This is my first step ahead and I will keep pushing to learn more and grow better at the art of making soap.

Why do I care about soap? Don’t know for sure. It appeals to me for some reason and it brings me joy whenever I am able to pop out another solid batch.

It is expensive to learn it. But nothing of value comes free.

At least there are soap gifts to give to people while I’m learning the art.


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